Sunday, August 28, 2005

A traveler's journey to Japan, take 3


Jumping on the bullet train (which does not actually spin like a bullet, Dad), the traveler fired up his trusty laptop. Halfway thru his entry, the laptop decided to drop-kick the doc he was writing. So, cursing Microsoft under his breath, he started over.

After finishing, he waited impatiently for his arrival at Yamaguchi, where he desperately hoped that his lovely wife would be awaiting him on the quay. No relief to be found from the train window (since it was quite dark by this time), ears smarting from the frequent drastic pressure changes due to the bullet train's blowing thru tunnels, and resisting his fatigue due to his fear of missing his stop, the traveler read a bit and paced the train cars a bit.

Finally, deliverance! Shin-Yamaguchi. Picking up his luggage while attempting not to wake any of the numerous Japanese businessmen sprawled out on the seats around the car, he dragged the bags to the door. The station's mouth loomed and passed, vending machines passed by, a Japanese waiting here and there, a staircase, another vending machine, a beautiful brown-haired American girl, a... ah ha! The traveler's heart leapt for joy as he waited for the train to stop...10...20...30 meters past the beautiful waiting woman. The doors hissed open, the traveler leapt out and ran to meet his wife.

--This part censored. There are children reading, for crying out loud.--

So there you have it! I am in Japan and reunited w/ my sweet wife, who waited so patiently for me at the train station for 2 hours before my train showed up. More info later on Aubrey's and my escapades in Yamaguchi!

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