Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An amazing conversation

I really like James White when he's debating non-Christians and such - he's been a tremendous help to me in so many ways in my walk w/ Christ.
I don't like so much his stand on the 5-points of Calvinism all that much, but I'm perfectly willing to look past it. Why? B/c the guy is such a servant of the Truth of the Scripture on SO MANY other fronts, providing much-needed answers so much of the time. I really appreciate that about him and others like him (it's not just him).
I am lukewarm-ly interested in the upcoming debate between him, Tom Ascol, and the brothers Caner of Liberty Univ and the book Unveiling Islam on the subject of Calvinism. Apparently there has been a lot of difficulty in setting it up, and the Caner brothers are really disappointing me in the way they have dealt w/ White and Ascol. They and I probably agree more on the subject than do White and Ascol, but is it really necessary to act like White and Ascol aren't even believers? Come on!
Their correspondence is condensed into a .pdf file here. Here's hoping they'll improve their tone and their hostility. I'm not quite sure why the Caners insist that 5-point Calvinism is such a dangerous cancer to churches, as they clearly do. You don't like it, fine, don't teach it. Teach against it. But don't descend to such a level, please.

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