Wednesday, May 17, 2006

When in headache...

...go to the beach.

This is a post where I rub in your faces ("you" being my faithful multitudes of readers) the fact that, though I live in some tiny island in the middle of Nowhere, Pacific, it is still an ISLAND and I can go to the BEACH ANYtime I want.
So today I had a headache that was preventing any useful study of Japanese, so I decided to run an errand now instead of later and blow by the beach just before my English classes. W/ only about an 80-minute cushion.
But yes, it can be done! Done it. It was nice too - I had the whole beach to myself at Ridiculously Low Tide (kind of like Spaceballs' Ludicrous Speed), or I did for the 5 minutes I swam, anyway. But it was worth it. Got back home feeling all refreshed and sea-watery. And my classes went swimmingly. Get it? Swimmingly? Ha! :-
So yeah. I think Aubrey is finally getting used to the time zone difference in Kansas, so that's good news. She has the camera, so that's why I haven't posted any pics recently. Sorry.
Other than that, just spending a lot of time in prayer and Scripture memorisation and such, plus my other honey-dos, self-imposed and otherwise, on the list I mentioned earlier. Not fretting all that much about the porous US southern border or the Imminent Bad News that is Iran. But if I were living in the US, I'd be a bit more perturbed...

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