Monday, May 22, 2006

"Silence" by Shusaku Endo Review, Preliminary

Aubrey returns tomorrow morning to Kikai Island. Yay!!!!!!!
At 4:30 am. Boo!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I accomplished most everything I wanted to during her absence, w/ the exception of the spend-an-evening-by-a-fire thing, which I will do soon, only w/ Aubrey by my side.

As promised, I am going to post my review of Shusaku Endo's Silence in stages over the next week or so. It's pretty much done. First, I have some preliminary websites to offer to anyone interested in reading the review w/ a little more background knowledge.

-Phillip Yancey on Endo - good article on the man's spiritual journey. Not-so-good summary of the book itself
-Good, short primer on the book
-Slightly more technical article on Endo's Christology
-Brief obituary article of Endo's 1996 death
-Another review of the book
-Endo and fairly liberal Vatican II Roman Catholic priest discuss relevant issues
-Brief Wikipedia article (wait, was that redundant?) on Kakure Christians
-Highly interesting article on Kakure Christians of Japan

And you can get the book for dirt cheap off that first link, or at your local liberry. I suggest you read it, honestly. But hopefully the review will be at least mildly interesting for the reader who's not read the book. If not, I guess there are other websites out there.

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