Saturday, June 24, 2006

More on our house, etc

Couldn't fit this pic into the last post. It's Aubrey, absorbing sunlight into her skin and enjoying her 4th snow-cone.
Anyway, now that the rainy season pretty much seems to be over (today was the 6th consecutive sunny day), it's once again time to start thinking consistently about keeping my pasty white skin from turning redder than North Korea. Also, it's pretty hot inside our house except for the bedroom, where there is a Japanese wall unit to keep it cool. In the old house, the cooler could keep the living area and bedroom cool, but this place is different and to try to keep the living room cool would require also cooling the kitchen and restricting air movement and all sorts of other unpleasantness (read: much higher elec bills). So it's just the bedroom. And I'm thinking that I'll start hanging out in there more often during the days in order to study and such - hanging out in the living room just feeling the sweat beading ain't no fun.
Did I mention that we're dealing w/ big cockroaches appearing in our kitchen overnight? We got some Kikai-made bait and put them around the kitchen, and it's taken care of some of them, while others have met a slightly more, ahem, *blunt and traumatic* end. Yes, my spine spasms every time I deal out the deathblow, but I'm trying to be strong. I need encouragement, not mockery!!!! But the bait is cool - it's apparently made locally; it's these little 1-inch-in-diameter cakes made of onion, flour, milk, and boric acid. So the roaches partake of these little cakes and the boric acid dries them up. So they die of thirst. Cool, huh? That's great - way too good a fate for the cockroaches of unusual size that live in Kikai.

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Anonymous said...

Get 'em B'gal!!!
Kill those sands-a-beaches ( the roaches).