Tuesday, June 27, 2006

There's a new sheriff in town!

Aubrey has been feeling periodically kinda sick and dizzy sometimes at work ever since morning sickness has set in. She's mostly over it now but still sometimes experiences the dizziness and light-headedness, especially when she's in the classroom, and that's never cool. Walking up and down staircases in such a condition is even less so.
Thus, we asked her boss if I could teach her classes for the rest of the two and a half weeks to go. To our surprise, he said yes, as long as I understand that I'm not under JET insurance or anything, in case I should break my leg or whatever while teaching. So that's pretty cool. Here's hoping and praying that this time off of work will be a refreshment to both of us, but especially to Aubrey, to get some extended time w/ God, to refocus, to unwind, to relax.
I'm still teaching my regular classes too, so I'm going to be pretty busy.
We have a date for when we are leaving Kikai - 25 July. At that time, it's almost certain that Aub will fly back to the US and I will do what I'm gonna do, which is... wait for it... _________. Yes, we STILL don't know!!! YAY! Anyway, waiting is good for patience. Ah, patience.
But we do have to be out of the house by that date, for some reason. Aub's boss was not quite able to explain, but I guess it has something to do w/ the fact that if I stayed around a bit while the ALT's job is done, that's a bit shady. And I get the feeling this swapping-husband-for-wife thing is already a little on the shady side. But I'll take it.

Tomorrow the school where I was going to go, the biggest Jr. Hi here, is testing all day, so we get a day off. Hitting the beach! Catching a bus at 7:04 am. Well, it's either that or 9:30 and we have to leave on the 12:40 bus, so I guess it kinda depends on how we feel early in the morning. Mr. Caffeine and I have a date.


Justin D said...

hey alan and aub,

I was wondering what the word was about your next step. So godspeed on the waiting...
I'll keep that in my prayers. Now, what is ALT?

I haven't said congrats on the baby...so congrats from Natalie and I!

David Bryan said...

My gooniss.

Isn't waiting fun...