Friday, July 21, 2006

Let's not eat in tonight.

T-Minus 4 days.
Aub has less and I have a little more. Come to think of it, if I'm not mistaken, my Tuesday night ferry will leave on Tues night around midnight. Kind of a shame, really - I'd like a little more time in Kagoshima during the day. And there's a Senegalese guy who lives there w/ whom I hope to grab a bite, and I'd like a little more time w/ him too, but I think I can still squeeze that at least in.
Packing is still a bit of a looming challenge, but I think we can pull it off. We may have to send one more slow box to the US, but I hope not to have to do that. Fortunately, Aubrey doesn't have to do much of anything w/ her luggage in terms of carrying it around. At the airport in Kikai, other people will be there to carry it. In Kagoshima, she might have to roll it around a bit, but the airport is not very big, about 1/2 as big as the OKC airport. But after she checks it, she won't see it until OKC.
I, on the other hand, will probably have some pretty heavy luggage, in addition to a guitar and a satchel containing a laptop and a couple of books and a bit of computer peripheral equipment. But I should be able to check that at the bus station in Kago and walk around a bit. The annoying thing will be having to move the luggage from the Osaka bus station to the Osaka Airport and everywhere in between. Not looking forward to that, but I think I have plenty of time to get there, so I guess I'll just slowly make my way thru the city.
We are REALLY busy these last days, too. Tonight is a good-bye party w/ Aub's office. Sat lunch is taken. Sat dinner is probably taken. Sun lunch is taken. Sun dinner is taken. Monday lunch is probably taken. Monday night we reserve for ourselves. Ooofff. But to be sure, as I've said, Kikai food is good and so that's cool. And two of those meals (tonight and Sat dinner) will very possibly be steak. Mmmm, steak.

Oh, and I'm very happy to announce that my English classes are finished. Praise Jesus! Collecting the delinquent fees is a bit tough but the kids' mothers have proven to be quite cooperative, so that really makes it easier on me. I only lack about 10% now.
That's it for now.

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