Monday, July 03, 2006

Storm's coming

It's hot and muggy. And there's a typhoon coming. According to this site, it might hit here on Saturday. Man, I'm REALLY not looking forward to that. I've seen a few typhoons turn aside before, but I've only seen like 4 total that formed in the S Pacific and started up this here way, and one hit us and the other 3 apparently knocked Taiwan. Sorry, Taiwan. :-Today is Monday and I went to school today... just did two classes, and after lunch I was SLEEPY. Oh man it was tough. I hate it when I get all sleepy and I'm at work.
Before I got sleepy, I was out in the coolest part of the school grounds, in a breezeway where there's abundant shade and the wind blows nicely. There were some kids chilling out there, and I was sitting there studying vocabulary cards. All of a sudden, I am surrounded by 10 Jr Hi students looking down at me (I was sitting on a low bench). Not hostile, but it was weird. And so they asked me for my "yosoo" on the World Cup semifinals. Well, I knew France was in there and I knew they were playing Portugal, and so I asked them who else was playing. Incredulously, they said "Um, Germany and Italy, duh." Oh, sorry. ;-) So my yosoo, my prediction, was Germany over France in the final, since France never beats Germany. That satisfied them and it appears that I made the same prediction as most of them. So that was kind of funny.
Anyway, what else is going on? Still exploring options on next year, particularly in terms of seeking other English speaking jobs in Japan. Still don't know whether we'll be here next year.
Making cookies tonight, skillet cookies. Yummy. We have dates that we need to use and also some cereal that Aub doesn't like too much w/ milk but likes fine in cookies.
Not much else to say I guess. Sorry.

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