Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is me wishing for a fast-forward button

This is me in the Osaka Airport.
My flight leaves at 5:50 pm. I am here at 7:30 am. You do the math.
I did not do the math before coming here and will thus pay the price.
The lesson here is twofold: do not forget your flight departure; learn to do math.

So what am I going to do? That remains to be seen. At least Aubrey made it back OK w/o any major problem. My luggage is stinking heavy but I sent some stuff in the mail from Kagoshima yesterday to lighten the load and so now it is near manageable.

Nothing else to say. It is hot here. I`m out.


troy said...

Safe travels!

Kyle said...

But the Osaka Airport is a very cool place. I stayed there for 24 hours compliments of Japan Air after leaving Kikai as you know.
When I returned to Oklahoma I heard a classmate present on the construction of the island. The whole island is a confined landfill in the ocean. Yep, a man-made island. Problem is the engineers mis-calculated the amount of settlement so every couple months they have to jack up the supports under the columns and add inches of pavement to the runways so the navigation systems will land the planes on the ground and not in the air. Jets don't hover very well.
Happy travels.