Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Odds and ends

-This is my heart for unity among Protvangelicals.

-Many congratulations to my friend David Bryan's 2nd daughter. Daughters rock.

-In a week or two I may begin a slightly on-the-formal-side blog debate w/ an atheist blogger. Could be interesting, and so far his tone has been highly conciliatory, which is appreciated.

-I'm out of pocket for Internet until Monday, 9 July. Happy Fourth of July Day!

-My little brother is getting married. Guess he grew up. But I can still pick on him. It's just that he can pick back!

-I'm done.


Dad said...

I just read the T4G blog that you referenced. I could not agree more.

Thanks for linking it.


Matthew said...

Hey Alan, thanks for this also - and thanks for hosting some rather interesting exchanges of late. I admit I have been much edified by the back and forths - especially Mr. Pastor's contributions, he has a singular wit with words.

By the way, on the subject of "odds and ends" I wanted to send this your way... it's a post of a Norman-area atheist/agnostic that has been "church hopping" around town, and recently she visited Trinity Baptist.

I thought you might find the perspective to be interesting.