Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A great reason to homeschool

Especially if you live in California.

Here are my favorite excerpts:

On Friday, McCoy and Carder, both in white, held hands on Newsom's office balcony overlooking the rotunda and recited their vows.

"With this ring, I thee wed!" Carder said, shouting the last word for emphasis (emph. in original).

It's just true love. Nothing political here. No ulterior statements.

"She's a really nice teacher. She's the best," said 6-year-old Chava Novogrodsky-Godt, wearing a "No on 8" button on her shirt. "I want her to have a good wedding."

Chava's mothers said they are getting married in two weeks.

Shudder. That poor little girl.

Marriage, 6-year-old Nolan Alexander said Friday, is "people falling in love."

It means, he added, "You stay with someone the rest of your life."

One hopes he will learn to refine this statement as he grows up, but sadly, this view is all too common even among adults.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's not controversial for me," Jaroflow said. "It's certainly an issue I would be willing to put my job on the line for."

It's a shame he probably won't have to prove it.

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profonde penseuse said...

Notice that there is always ONE person who plays the more "masculine" role and dresses more "masculine". Could it be that even in such unnatural relations, it is obvious it is mean to be a marriage for life between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.