Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Watch this if you are pro-choice

Then leave a comment. If you have the stomach to do either and still live with yourself.

Warning - explicit content. I could only watch about 4 seconds of the footage of the corpses before I had to stop. I can't take that stuff like I used to.


Chris (from Oz) said...

That's pretty gross.
Which is one of the reasons why I don't support late term abortions.

Do you have one that shows the results from just abortions performed before 20 weeks, and another before 16, 12 etc ? That'd be interesting.

Pity they didn't have any cameras around during the stories of the old testament either. We could show the kids being torn apart by she-bears, the genocide of whole tribes, the stories of the families watching each other drown during the flood. That sort of thing.

The Jolly Nihilist said...

I watched the video and, I must say, I'm still 100% pro-choice. [I define 100% pro-choice as opposing the late-term abortion ban, opposing parental consent, opposing parental notification, opposing crossing-state-lines statutes, opposing fetal pain laws, etc.]

The images are gross, but, to my eye, no grosser really than this. Seeing bloody dead stuff is discomforting; no shocker there.

As far as the images of "peaceful protesters" being mistreated, I think the context is critical. No protester should be physically assaulted, but, at the same time, protesters should not be allowed to block people's entry into abortion clinics. If they are acting as a physical impediment, they are stepping over the line and ought to be put under control.

Anonymous said...

Since I have experience dissecting bodies...
All I can say is "Ooh, yummy!"

Anyways, although I am against abortion as birth control (i.e. irresponsible sex), it should be available option if bringing-up the baby is not a viable option.

As for the images, I will make the decision whether it is wrong after I see the other evil.