Friday, September 18, 2009

Seeking the truth at the Center for Inquiry

Now, to be fair, I don't think DagoRed is a member of the CFI or has any controlling influence on them, but I pause here to note what he said in response to my good faith attempts to engage some atheists in thoughtful conversation on their own turf. You know, asking critical questions, replying to what they say and trying to get to the most rational conclusion. Stuff that atheists give lip service to all the time - finding evidence, parsing arguments, finding the truth.
Well, in my experience, many atheists just want Christians to shut up and want to keep their own religious faith close to the vest rather than engage.
Best if we simply ridicule and poke Rhobology (sic) (#13) with pointy sticks. He is a dull, boring, and VERY tedious fundagelical apologist troll who posts all over the place, and is simply looking for material to post at his own blog (he has already posted some slander about CFI). He has no interest in what we have to say. He is merely trolling for comments from nontheists that he will twist, warp, and caricature in a post on his own blog.
When you have nothing, it's best just to slander someone. And notice that I didn't twist, warp, or caricature what he said. I generally prefer to quote ppl as-is and let the product speak for itself. Congratulations, DagoRed, you've spoken.

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Seth said...

I say, post away. Oh, and troll to your hearts content. That's what I do here. I suppose blog hosts could use password access or filter the comments...