Monday, September 14, 2009

And why not? It worked in Blazing Saddles.

Burk Braun has asked some rather simplistic questions of me over at Dr Eric Reitan's blog. Apparently he doesn't know of my deep-seated hatred for all non-white people. I've tried, here, to correct that misapprehension.

0bama's continuation and furthering of Dubya's wrongheaded policies show me he's not interested in change at all, for one thing. And thus he's a liar. And "saving" the car industry and fat cat bankers is not "change" either - it's continued pandering to his fat cat lobbyist and union friends.
But he's gone way further than that, with his $800 billion "stimulus" pkg, and his continued insistence on the public option health insurance. Terrible idea.

Oh, I guess health care- the prospect of helping take care of your brother seems repulsive and hate-able, is that it?

What is about liberals and confusing generous, charitable donations with higher taxes? I see it everywhere I turn. Biden was talking about this during the VP debate and I couldn't believe how stupid he was to say it.
More importantly, if the gov't forces me to pay more taxes to pay for 0bamacare, there is not even the opportunity for charity, for love, for neighborliness (as Biden is fond of saying). Forced "charity" is not charity at all. If I don't pay my taxes, all of them, the IRS will try to force my employer to garnish wages. If I get around that, they'll send the police to arrest me. If I resist them, they'll have authority even to kill me! It has nothing to do with Xtian love or moral obligation.

think well, etc

That's just the thing. He DOESN'T think well. If he did, I'd appreciate it.
Is it really too much to ask that a man like the President, if he claims to be a Christian and trumpets it when he can, could get at least the most basic of beliefs correct? No need to "bathe" me; just show some evidence you know what you're talking about. Just a little.

But as you probably could tell from the last election results, others can.

Unlike apparently you do, I don't think truth is found thru counting noses.
My guess is you are now disregarding the polls that show high and growing disapproval with Chairman 0bama, b/c it's inconvenient for you.

What is your image of a politician? Who among us is better suited? Rick Warren?

Rick Warren, while by no means a great thinker or great man, would be a hell of a lot better President than 0bama.
My image of a politician, anyway, is a slimeball who virtually always lies, in order to get re-elected. My vision of what he SHOULD be, however, comes from the Constitution.

Could have fooled me, since every other word was "god".

Actually, I count one (1) "God" in there. Maybe you quoted the wrong part of the invocation?
And an invocation is a (worthless) tradition service; it's not his inauguration or anything of any value or that would give any insight to the man's actual character.

So tell us, what do you really have against him?

He's black. So I hate him, with a white-hot (if you'll pardon the pun) hatred.
You probably didn't know that all my ancestors were members of the KKK, including my parents. My 3-yr-old daughter has already set fire (voluntarily) to all the dolls she had that had skin that wasn't perfect lily-white. I'm a proud papa.

How do Obama's lies stack up against any president's of the last generation?

I didn't like Dubya either. Or Clinton. But 0bama's policies are much worse than either.
And he's black. Did I mention that?

How is his personal life, beliefs, and example a problem, other than not being in your particular sect of Christian doctrine?

You mean his constant covering-up of his relationship with Bill Ayers and ACORN? And his evident 20-year-old agreement with Jeremiah Wright and subsequent "I don't even know that guy"s?
And the fact that he's black? Already, that's a terrible example. I can't stomach the fact that my children will see a black person in a position of authority and think that could be acceptable or OK.


TheoPoet said...

Maybe this will be a lesson to you that the Anabaptists were right on government and your Fundamentalist Calvinist friends are wrong. Theocracy is a heretical error as obedience belongs to God and God alone not man. Important quotes from Thomas Helwys:
"If the Kings people be obedient and true subjects, obeying all humane lawes made by the King, our Lord the King can require no more: for men’s religion to God is betwixt God and themselves; the King shall not answer for it, neither may the King be judge between God and man." - Mistery of Iniquity

"If our lord the King by his discerning judgment see that as Queen Mary by her sword of justice had no power over her subjects consciences (for then had she power to make them all Papists, and all that resisted her therein suffered justly as evil doers) neither hath our lord the King by that sword of justice power over his subjects consciences: for all earthly powers are one and the same in their several dominions" - Mistery of Iniquity

Also, the obedience which man owes to God is a radical dependence on God's Grace which eradicates the need for the dependence on ungraceful theocratic tyrants.

Rhology said...


I don't think I'm following you here, and that's probably b/c I'm dense.

OTOH, I don't think I really set out a defense of my own position here (especially since I don't think I'm sure either way); rather, I've been deconstructing Burk's comments.

Darlene said...

Me thinks you need to lighten up. Somehow I don't think you will convince those who may disagree with you by the manner in which you come across.

Just my opinion for what its worth. Kind words and a gentle spirit go much further. I've learned this lesson through many years of hard knocks. I used to have a grated edge that prevented others from hearing what I had to say, although I only understood this in hindsight.

Blessings to you.


TheoPoet said...

Sorry I was just parodying Rhology when he first visited my Blog. But in all seriousness Rho nice satirical post. I don't believe Joe Wilson's comment was racist either---just clashing policies. What do you think of Jimmy Carter fanning the flames?

Rhology said...

Haha, I wasn't a fan. ;)