Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Mainstream than Baptist

And here's a lovely piece at ERV on an atheist's best friend - Dr Bruce Prescott, the Mainstream Baptist, of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and a member in apparently good standing of a church in my area where at least two (not close) friends are also members. 
You know, let me propose a rule of thumb for your consideration - if you're a "Christian" and yet blasphemous atheists love you and think your work and organisational affiliations and opinions are awesome, you might want to reconsider your life's path. What makes you "Christian", exactly, sir?  You have a bland confession of faith, you say "Jesus" sometimes; bravo.  Do you really think you're better off with a worldview that puts you in the good graces of mockers and blasphemers, not merely of the Gospel, but of the very existence of the Savior and Lord you claim to love and serve?  Theology doesn't matter much, as long as you're "loving" people, giving them handouts and making sure the government is taking as much money as possible from evil rich people and Marxing it to welfare queens and enablers of racial profiling? 

Interestingly, I'm not the only one to notice this either.  Somehow during the vagaries of blogging, a pastor in Cleveland decided to have some conversations with Dr Prescott, some years ago.  Apparently he experienced the same thing I've experienced with Prescott - a strict moderation policy and deletion of comments once one comments more than, say, twice on any post and more than 5 times total on his blog.  It's suspiciously like he doesn't want to debate people.  His blog is apparently simply for posting thoughts and whining, and then getting his jollies when sycophants give him high-fives in his combox.  Typical liberal - I've experienced comment moderation at a very high level from numerous liberals (ie, left-wingers, for those of you in the UK) and thus frequent quashing of intelligent debate.  Why?  Because liberals have to know somewhere in their guts that it's best that they just...not...debate.


Lucian said...

Hmmm... are you sure that that Mainstream Baptist fellow isn't just another one of Mat D. Schultz's avatars? :-)

NAL said...

I've experienced comment moderation over at Maverick Philosopher, a conservative site. Also, there's comment moderation at Choosing Hats, a presupp site. Typical conservatives.

marhaban said...

Just FYI, your first link is broken.

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