Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sorry I've been out

After what was to me a prolific explosion of creative power in blogging through late March - early May, I've sort of petered out recently.  Partly it's because I'm very busy these days and partly I just haven't had any ideas.  But I have been engaging in some threads on some other blogs, so I link them here.

Brennon's Thoughts - Bossmanham's blogpost entitled "Where Many of the Insufferable Atheists Congregate", in which I riff a bit off of Bossmanham's freewill theodicy and engage a denizen of the WeAreSmrt forum in a discussion on the compatibility of the existence of the God of the Bible with the existence of evil.

The Catholic Champion blog - "James White/Robert Price Debate: Price Narrowly Wins the Battle for the Bible", in which I expose some of Matthew Bellisario's biases, which leads him and others on his blog to be the brittle people they are, in which I tweak said brittle people, as I sometimes do, and in which he and others reveal themselves to have approximately zero understanding of sarcasm and how they look to outsiders.

Catholic Nick's blogpost - "Sola Scriptura is Unscriptural", in which I demonstrate how ~½ of his post is nonsensical and urge him to remove or at least rework those parts, and in which he refuses for no good reason and simply tries to get me to answer the other ½, which I don't consider particularly strong.  But of course, like always, let the reader judge.

JohnMark's blogpost - "Faith Alone and World Religions", in which I interact with a knee-jerk Romanist named Jae about sola fide.


Darlene said...

Sometimes a person can just get blooged-out. That's when it's time to get a life! (all in jest)

james said...

You certainly get around!