Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More blind spots, chapter 4

Continuing with the aforementioned Facebook conversation:

AL: Welp...I joined the group just to see this discussion so of course I'm going to chime in! Rhology - first, I think it is great that you are condemning rapists...many people just blame the victim so kudo's for identifing a societal problem. There's a great not-for-profit called "men can stop rape" and you should check it out if you are interested b/c there are A LOT of things men can do to hold other men accountable for their sexually inappropriate behaviour. Second...I think you should realize that not ALL terminated pregnancies (an abortion is a terminated pregnancy and the same procedure is performed for another type of an abortion...more commonly known as a miscarriage) so it is a slippery slope when you start telling doctors when they can and can't terminate a pregnancy based on the health and choice made by the woman. And 3rd...I think you are missing the other half of the problem and that is men. Women need sperm so since you are so willing to remove freedom of choice (basic human right) away from a woman...are you equally open to doing the same thing to a man? Are your views consistent for both sexes? Shouldn't men who cause unwanted pregnancies lose their choice to reproduce? What about mandated vasectomies for ALL men who create unwanted pregnancies (including married men who get their wives pregnant by accident)? Purely holding a women accountable for all unwanted pregnancies seems like a short-sided goal of your new organization. Men play a role too. What are YOU and your organization doing (with all of your passion and energy) to hold MEN accountable for abortion?? Are you reaching out to men with support? I read the website and I like a couple of the particular the desire to offer emotional, spiritual and FINANCIAL & MEDICAL support for women facing unwanted pregnancy. Most pro-lifers want to limit women's right to choose while simultaneously removing access to all the levels of support your organization is offering to provide. But seriously...what about the other half? What about men?

MM: Well said AL! Now I am done!!!

EQ: Brava AL!!

Me: AL, thanks for your thoughts. I will answer you fully a little later.

Please let me ask you to consider the way you're speaking to me. You're acting like I am your enemy, what with the vitriolic words you have used toward me and with the way that you have not fairly represented what I said.
I never said you CAN'T be objective. I told you that you are not currently being objective. I wouldn't point it out if I didn't think you were capable of it. It's just that you seem to have turned off your objectivity for now. Something about abortion has really set you off.
I realise it is a hard topic to discuss, but I really, really do think that it is essential because if babies really are babies, then abortion is baby-murder. What worse sin could we as a nation commit than killing millions of defenseless babies?
Do you remember one of the things God mentioned when He destroyed Judah and sent them into captivity? He said that they had been offering up their children to be burned on the altar of Molech. He commands us over and over to watch out for the weak, the helpless, the orphan, the defenseless. I urge you to reconsider instead of knee-jerk insulting those who think that babies should be defended, no matter their age and physical location.

MM: You have your opinion and I have set me off Rhology with how you go after people...which is why I never comment on your posts cause it is a waste of my time...I made the mistake this time but trust me when I say it won't happen again.

Me: OK. I will always read and consider what you have to say, however.

Me: But may I suggest that you have "gone after me", unprovoked?

JT: Rhology... You dont voice your opinion and have a healthy conversation. You come off as high and mighty and talk down to people. You dont consider what any one else has to say. Instead you put them down and try and make them feel inferior. You teach the bible and you may know a lot but you far from follow it. You treat people like crap. Instead of teaching the word you yell the word, you dont get anywhere that way by forcing your thoughts on someone. People ask you a question and you counter with an attack and you dont answer the question. You say the bible is where you get your information from. Ever thought it might be wrong? Seriously think about it. It was inspired by God. Well So says the Man who killed all those people in Oslo. A lot of things are inspired by God, doesnt make them 100%. BK made a lot of good points. Youjust shoved them aside and tried to make him feel dumb. Obvioulsy didnt work.

JT: Ohhh and BK, great job. You made some very good arguments. Rhology, I am not sure when you became so better than everyone and the end all be all on knowing what God wants, but tell him I said hi. I just want you to know that I know you believe in your heart what you are saying is true doesnt make it so. So dont be surprised at the pearly gates you get pulled aside and someone tells you compassion is a good thing. I am sure they will let you in but with a little biit of a setting straight. Then again I could be wrong and we are all screwed.

Me: Compassion = telling ppl the truth even when it makes everyone uncomfortable and earns you nothing but unjustified mockery. It's amazing to see the blindness you're displaying, but I just prefer to discuss the issues, whereas you apparently prefer to discuss the person and how mean they are for trying to find the truth.

JT: I tried to discuss this issues, then it I am blind and ignorant. I would love to have an actualy conversation with you but I want a conversation not a talking to and being called names. You still never answered anyones questions.... WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO FORCE YOUR OPINION ON A WOMAN WITH WHAT SHE SHOULD DO WITH HER BODY? If your daughter or wife were raped and became pregnant, what would you do Rhology???????? Answer it. Dont repsond with a question, answer the question.

AL: Not that you guys have had your dr. phil session, can Rhology answer my inquiry now?

Me: I did answer it, JT. Slow down, please, and actually read what I've been saying. You show no evidence of having listened to me at all, nor of considering how my questions and challenges have devastated your absurd position.

JT: Absurd? Here we go with the insults. Have I once called you or you position anything. You didnt answer you just started talking about rape. SO Once again, your daughter or wife... Go! What would you do?

Me: Yes, you have. And your position is absurd.

Me: If you don't read what I've said before, I have nothing more to say to you on this issue. If I repeat it, you'll just refuse to read it a 2nd time.

JT: LOL is it absurd Rhology? Well you can conceed thats fine. I reread it. You just asked a bunch of other question, Please grace me with your knowledge, ansswer it. You ownt answer it becasue you know I am right. You wont answer about your family becasue deep down, in a place where you think you are better, you would probably do the same thing. Thats OK though Rhology.


Chemist said...

Interesting. Where is this going down? I won't jump in, but I didn't see it on your newsfeed.

Rhology said...

Private group, actually. You won't see it.