Tuesday, November 27, 2012

0bamaphone, redux

ERV, often unintentionally funny, does it again...

What I mean is, my last phone was a Blackberry Pearl.  Yeah.  I got it 2008-ish, I think.  Ive never had a smartphone, because I couldnt afford it.  The Blackberry worked, my cell bill is like $20 added on as a family line to my parents bill.  Compare that to the the cost of the new smartphones, plus somewhere up to $100 a month for a data plan? No thank you.

But my Blackberry is finally dying (NOOOO!), there are lots of alternative options to traditional overpriced phone plans (T-mobile $30, Straight Talk $45), thanks to Obamacare Im not paying for birth control every month now, and the Nexus 4 was coming out.  A high-end phone at a relatively low price ($299 vs its $550 ATT Optimus G counterpart), that gets upgrades straight from Google.

So I got one.
(Emphasis added.)

So, since you and I are now responsible for paying for this unmarried student's birth control pill habit, she now has the wherewithal to get herself a top-of-the-line phone (only $300!??!? Tell me more about this fantastic deal!!!) with a data plan.

Meanwhile, my employer dropped the family healthcare plan that I favored and reduced my options to precisely two, my commute is now at least twice as expensive as it was four years ago, and I have a $20 TV I got from Craigslist, no cable TV, and the barebones cell phone family plan. And when I want condoms, I buy them myself.

But hey, ERV, glad I could help you out with that. Enjoy.


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NAL said...


So, since you and I are now responsible for paying for this unmarried student's birth control pill habit ...

If birth control pills were sold over-the-counter, insurance wouldn't cover them.

Jesus H. Christ, aka your Savior. said...


Gentlemen, we now have official evidence of unicorns.

It is surely only a matter of time before we have evidence that the invisible fairy in the sky decided to turn itself into a man in the ancient Middle East desert two thousand years ago for the ultimate purpose of allowing himself to be hung to a tree and savagely tortured to death by a superstitious bunch of ignorant peasants in the most disgusting manner possible as a blood atonement for the apparent sins of his own creation.

Let's all take a moment and pray that this preposterous, idiotic, asinine, Neanderthal bunch of superstitious bullshit is actually true.

Praise Jebus. Praise his holy fucking name. And fuck this blood sacrifice, Cro-Magnon bullshit. Amen.

Rhology said...

Wow, thanks for that.

One of ERV's beta males no doubt, showing off his impressive intellect.