Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Burning property and traveling to the States

First let me extend my thanks to the thousands of Muslims out there rioting over the Danish cartoons. At least you're burning some Euro-property this time instead of firebombing or defacing a synagogue or American property!

Yes, I am half-kidding. But only half. You take issue w/ the other half, go live in France for awhile and then come back and take issue.

And just one more elbow to the ribs, a similarly-themed cartoon that certainly has ME, a conservative literalistic freako-Evangelical, up in arms! I'm about ready to say, "Wow, the mainstream media sure doesn't like me!" and then go on w/ my life.

So today I'm sick. I think I caught a cold yesterday from one of my little girl students. She was coughing and stuff during my first class and by the end of my 3rd and last class I was feeling quite out of sorts. So now it's about 27 hours later and I don't feel great still, but at least it's mostly just one symptom - general achiness and fatigue. I hope to be over it by tomorrow. Tomorrow, even if I don't feel great, I think I'll go w/ Aub to her kindergarten class so as to help w/ crowd control and mostly to play guitar and aid in game-playing. She will have to do most everything in Japanese. We are both wondering what the point of sending a JET teacher to a class that knows NO English is when plenty of other schools could use her services, but we're not the bosses. If we were, it's for dang sure there'd be less constant road construction around here.
During my sick time, I watched the Sugar Bowl, having downloaded it last week. A very entertaining game, so I was glad again for the ability to download.
You know, just like I considered such luxuries as being able to download a whole football game (w/o commercials, no less!) and to video-conference over the Internet to be only for the rich and highly technical/savvy. And just yesterday I was talking to Nate about how cool it is that we can vid conference for free. So many varieties of technology are grand, man! I thank God for it regularly, seriously.

OK, so I have confirmed my arrival in OKC. 16 Feb at 5:10 pm I'll arrive at the airport, and I have a ride, thank you again! I'll go directly to iMPACT that evening and then Saturday hit the Chi Alpha Alumni party. Sunday will be church - looking forward to it, to be sure! To Houston by Monday evening, back to Dallas probably on Thursday or Friday 23/24 Feb, to Tulsa or Norman by Sunday evening 26 Feb, probably. I'm not sure whether I'll make it to Tulsa, but I am leaning towards going there from Dallas before coming back thru Norman by Tuesday at some point, to fly outta OKC on Thursday 2 March at 6 am. I'm really looking forward to it. If you're around, please make it a point to see me - I really do want to see everyone I can, at least a little!

Time for resting. Have a lovely day!

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