Monday, February 06, 2006

Thanks for the offers! Got a ride.

I never know how to start these blog entries, so I'm just gonna start.

Thank you very much to all of you who offered to pick me up at the airport. I got a ride from a friend who works like 2 miles away and gets offa work right when I come in. What's more, I wanted to go to his house for a meeting of my iMPACT friends that very evening, so it all works out very well.

I'm looking around at how I might get to Dallas from OKC on Monday Feb 20. Anyone want to take me to Gainesville, TX, sometime that day?

Many thanks to Jenny and Kaki who offered me the use of their digital cameras. I'm looking forward to taking quite a few pics.

And a happy coincidence - there is a Chi Alpha alumni reunion on 18 Feb, Saturday. So I'll be hanging out w/ them and Nate (the BlackBlogger to you) on Saturday, maybe even going to an OU basketball game. That should be really cool. And there's PIZZA involved! I don't care about lactose intolerance, my friend. That pizza will be eaten. By me.

Finally, I'm looking to borrow a suit for my interview in Houston on 21 Feb, Tuesday. Anyone in OKC/Norman who is about my size have a decent suit I could borrow? I promise to give it back. In Japan I don't have much use for suits...

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