Friday, February 24, 2006

Small children should not be allowed to be so cute

Logging in from the Dallas Metroplex today, waiting on a good time to talk to my lovely wife. At 1 am her time. Yes, we are desperate to talk to each other, thanks for asking. No, I'm not interested in having my carpet cleaned.

OK, so since last night that makes two of the past three nights when I have interacted w/ unbearably cute children. I had already mentioned the lovely and shy Zoe last time, and last night I went to Bryan's house and met his little Esperancita (of course, the phrase "little Esperancita" translate to "little little Hope," but I digress), who is not shy at all. Or at least, she wasn't w/ me. In fact, I do believe she ranked my face as one of Esperancita's Top 4 Most Interesting Objects of Yesterday Evening (ETFMIOYE, for short). I swear, she kept looking at me and smiling and giggling. Halfway thru the night I'm wondering what inside jokes Bryan and Audra have been sharing w/ her and which one she found so darn sneaky funny. Of course, my face was almost constantly contorting and I was doing funny things w/ my tongue (which she promptly learned, no doubt MUCH to B & A's delight. You guys can thank me for that later), but that merely KEPT her attention on me. She seriously did take well to me, which is not rare but not all that commonplace either. So we talked to her in Spanish and English and had yummy casserole while Esperancita feasted on strained sweet potatos and Cheerios... a fun evening was had by all. Bryan commented that one of the funniest things he's ever seen is naked baby crawling. I have to agree. That's just funny stuff.

Once again, I gotta get me one of those.

This makes 3 of the last 4 days that I have enjoyed Starbux' fine blends of quality coffee, soy milk, flavored syrups, and liquid gold (which is probably why it costs so much) w/ one BobbyD. Gotta love a guy who loves Starbux. I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that Tulsa and Norman Fourbux will also receive patronage dollars from me w/in the next week. One strike against them, though - they dropped their coconut flavored syrups, which was by far the best.

Some world politix issues are flaring up on which I have yet to form a strong opinion, which is actually kind of surprising. Not unheard of, but still. They are the UAE taking over US port mgmt, and the seeming buildup to a civil war between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq. As for the latter question, I have to admit that I might just prefer them to do it and get it over w/, get it out of their system. But the ramifications are large and as of yet unconsidered by me. So never mind - forget I mentioned it.

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