Monday, February 13, 2006

My last day in Kikai for a while

It's but 10 hours before liftoff.
Err... liftoff... I don't know if big ol' ferry boats "lift" off, but whatever they do, that's it. I guess embarkment. It's weird - I'm looking forward much to my trip to the States and relish the opportunity to see friends and family, that's for sure. And I get to see so many people - it's really great! But I do not want to leave Aubrey behind. Looks like I have to, though. It's gonna be hard - we'll be separated for just under 3 weeks, and that's just no good. Last time, when we were to be separated for 5 weeks, we thought it would be good for us. Chalk that one up to experience! I guess it was "good" for us, but we did NOT enjoy it. I would call it a dead heat on "good for us" and "unnecessarily unpleasant." Only the fact that I believe God called us to do it keeps me on the more optimistic side of things on that count.

Anyway. Got lots of things to do to prepare today, and I have to pack and such. So it's gonna be fun times, that's for sure. I'm bringing certain funky and not-so-funky snacks to the States for friends and well-wishers to enjoy, such as Pocky Stix (not funky), dried fish (funky), and, um, I'll think of something else. Gonna hoof a whole bunch of presents for Aub's family to the States in my luggage and then send it in a box from there, so it'll cost about 1/4 of what it would normally cost and get it there sooner. Shipping from the States to the States is always preferable, man.

I also have to teach 3 classes today, which I'm not looking forward to. But hopefully I don't have to prepare too much today. It does definitely hurt the profit margin that I'm not working for 3 weeks. My wallet is moaning softly.
On the bright side, looks like smooth sailing on the ferry, since it's great weather today and not very windy. The next day's night bus to Osaka is definitely questionable, but I've heard it's not too bad. And once I arrive, I have 5.5 hours before my flight takes off, but there's apparently an express bus that'll take me right to the airport from my bus station, so I should be in good shape. I might walk around just a bit in Osaka to see what there is, but I doubt I'll be anywhere near anything very interesting. And I don't read much Japanese, you know.

I am wondering if anyone about my size can lend me a suit for my interview. Thanks!
Finally, if you need to reach me after Tuesday evening (ie, about 5 am CST in the US) then please email my cell phone. See you in the States!

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Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Rhology, thanks for visiting my blog.

Japan must be a really cool place to live.

I am not really very good at languages, though. I have been trying to learn Finnish this year. That is one very difficult language.

Every Blessing in Christ