Monday, June 30, 2008

Hopefully he'll rethink

On an old friend's rarely-updated blog, I have been exhorting him and trying to help him see past his worldly blinders to a more biblical worldview.
Apparently he appreciates my efforts less than I'd hoped.
I'd be more than happy to respond, but...well, here's the comment that I submitted. One can perhaps hope to see it appear there within a month:

I'd respond, but...look, do you realise when I submitted my comment? 09 June, and it's 30June today.
If I'm not mistaken, you simply never published another of my comments on another thread, and I don't feel like typing up a comment that will never appear.

I do hope you'll rethink your obviously angry statement of:
You assume that I am not as strong a Christian as you are because I disagree with your interpretations of the Scripture, and have judged me for it. To do so is judgmental, pompous, and arrogant.

I don't assume it; I read it in what you write on your blog. Your worldview is not a very biblical one. It is in some respects, and in others it's just not. And I explain why I say those things in my comments.
If you think my interp of Scr is wrong, let me know, and most of all, let me know WHY.

In fact, this very comment is a brilliant example of how your worldview is sub-biblical.
There are numerous admonitions in the NT to test what is good and throw out what is bad - Matt 7, 1 Thess 5, 2 Cor 13:5 etc.
We are called TO JUDGE those who claim to be believers - 1 Cor 5, Matt 18:18-20. Not to NOT JUDGE; but TO JUDGE. And here you are complaining that I've "judged you".
Whatever "judged" means.
I haven't said you're hellbound.
I haven't said you're not saved.
I haven't said your mom is ugly.

So for one thing, I haven't even done what you say.
What I have done is judge your worldview, as I'm commanded to. Judged it and found it wanting. Why? B/c it does not agree with what God has revealed.

It's not b/c I'm better than you or anythg; it's b/c my worldview is more biblical than yours, by the grace of God. I have spent time and effort crafting my worldview around what the Bible says, and you have spent at least some time listening to the world and moreover investing at least some of its statements with at least some authority. Now is not the time to whine that someone pointed it out; now is the time to change, repent, and conform your mind and heart to what God has revealed.

Do not bash my character

Where have I done that?

What you *should* do is not lambaste me and assume the worst about my faith

Where have I assumed anything about you? I go by what you say, not by what I want you to say. If you said what I wanted, you'd be my clone. ;-) That's not what I'm after, but what I *am* after is to see a fellow believer walk worthy of his high calling.


Chris said...

This is so gonna be cool. It's like a fan of the original Star Trek arguing with a fan of Deep Space Nine. Let's play a game of "who's fiction is more canon?"

NAL said...

... I have turned the other cheek now more times than I care to count.

"Welcome to the party pal."

// Bonus points if you can identify the above movie quote without googling.

Rhology said...

Can I play?

"Now I have a machine gun." :-)

BTW, care to point out where you've had to turn the other cheek to some unjustified offence against you, NAL? said...

I know this is off the subject, but can you direct me to your debate with a full preterist, the link you provided on Pulpit-Pimps was not a debate with a any preterist I know.

Rhology said...

Sure, it starts here and goes for the next 7 posts. Then it takes a break, then it picks up again here. said...

Scripture demands that the redemption was ready to be revealed with Jesus Christ in the "time of the end" of the first century "last days" of the Old Covenant. It was then that the faithful believers who had not turned away from Christ (who believed not that He had delayed His coming) were ushered into the kingdom that Christ went to prepare for them. He came again, and received them unto Himself, so that where He was, they could be also. Teaching that this has not happened yet creates some very severe doctrinal consequences. Among these are the following:

If Christ has not come, then we are still waiting to be where he is. (John 14:3,18,28)

If Christ has not come, then we are still waiting for the plan of redemption to be fulfilled (Revelation 10:7, Ephesians 4:30)

If Christ has not come, then we are still waiting to be individually redeemed from our sins. (Luke 21:28, Colossians 1:14)

If Christ has not come, then we are still in the "last days," 1900 years later. (Hebrews 1:2, Acts 2)

If Christ has not come, not one jot or tittle has passed from the Law. (Matthew 5:17-18)

If Christ has not come, then some Christians are being quite aged. (Matthew 16:28, I Thessalonians 5:23; I Corinthians 15:51)

If Christ has not come, then the charismata (tongues, prophecy, etc.) are still in effect. (I Corinthians 13:10)

If Christ has not come, then we still wait the day when Christ will finally accomplish that which He said he would do over 1900 years ago, when it was declared He "would not tarry." (yet we hear many preachers today say, "We will meet again next week, if the Lord tarries," as if it is a given that the Lord has tarried all this time). (Hebrews 10:37, Revelation 10:6, 22:20

If Christ has not come, then the dead are still waiting to enter into heaven, and, to this day, "sleep" in their graves, waiting to enter into his rest. (I Corinthians 15:20-23)

If Christ has not come, then the Old Covenant is still waiting to vanish away. (Hebrews 8:13. 10:8-9)

If Christ has not come, then we can still miss salvation after having been partakers of the Holy Ghost. (Hebrews 6:4-6, 2 Corinthians 5:5)

If we say that Christ has not come, we are still waiting to be adopted as sons. (Romans 8:23)

If we say that Christ has not come, we are still waiting for salvations. (Leviticus 16:17, Hebrews 9:28, Galatians 5:5)

If we say that Christ has not come, we are still dead in our sins.

If Jesus is still in the Most Holy Place (Heaven) and our sins will not be forgiven until he leaves. (Hebrews 9:23-28)

If we say that Christ has not come, then we make Christ a liar. (Matthew 16:27-28; Revelation 21:20)

Please answer scripture given

Rhology said...

You've been answered.