Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long Facebook thread: Abolish Human Abortion. Chapter 1.

JS Are you saying that we should abolish anyone's ability to get an abortion? Or that we should work with people through education and providing contraception to reduce how often they occur?

Josh HD So Im not just trying to start drama, but I have a serious question. What happens when someone gets an abortion if it is "abolished" (which would be like the legal ramifications of getting a post abolished abortion)


The possibly-too-simple answer is: yes. Once we recognise that the fetus is not a "clump of cells" or whatever, that this is a human life, then we must proscribe its destruction w/o due process of law.
Consider how comparable it is to slavery. Are you saying that we should abolish anyone's ability to own a slave? Yes. Same thing.

And the "Or that we should..." is also a yes. They're not mutually exclusive.

Answers will vary, but for the years just after abortion's legal abolition, I would favor the death penalty for the abortician and a minor punishment for the murderous mother. Later on, you could ramp up punishments for women who murder their children and I wouldn't have a problem with it.

Josh HD LOL foreal? You'd kill them? Sounds super Christian!

Are you familiar with Romans 13, Joshua?

Josh HD Im familiar with hypocrisy in Christianity, the verse itself, no.

OK. If you were familiar with the chapter, as well as with Genesis 9:6, you'd know that this isn't hypocrisy at all but rather biblical teaching. Ignorance ≠ evidence of hypocrisy.
Also, I'd like to remind you that I never said *I'd* kill them. I said "the death penalty", which is a governmental and police action.

Josh B
Death penalty is okay but a women's right to an abortion when she gets rape by her dad at age 14 makes her a murderer? Maybe Joshua was onto something with that hypocrisy statement....
Who cares if the death penalty is 'governmental and police action.' You obviously support the death penalty. To me, that is just the same as doing it.

Josh HD If you are a Christian, why would you kill a doctor for someone elses choice. Isn't Christianity about yknow, love and peace and all that? Oh right, its not. Its about killing doctors. Great compassion towards others Rhology. Jesus would smile! Im going to throw up, terrible logic makes me sick.

Josh B,
Killing a defenseless and innocent person w/o due process of law is murder. That's the very definition of murder. Extenuating circumstances can affect the severity of the whole thing, but it's along a range of the category "murder". Gotta be consistent.
So, if I think the gov't should have put capital criminals to death, it's the same as me putting those ppl to death? Please explain.

Josh HD,
I didn't say I'd kill a dr, so I'm glad to put that concern to rest. Please check again what I said.
You haven't shown any poor logic on my part; I'd like to see some, though, b/c I most definitely want to be as consistent and logical as possible. Please bring forth your logical argumentation. Thanks!

Josh HD You're an idiot Rhology. I obviously am not so stupid to think you YOURSELF would kill these people. Im indicting your methodology and ideology, not yourself.

 It's what you yourself said. You said:
"If you are a Christian, why would you kill a doctor for someone elses choice."

I'm not sure what you think someone should conclude from that statement.
"You kill a doctor" is not the same as "you favor the gov't putting that dr to death for his capital crime".

Josh HD I hope everyone views the above statement for further proof of idiocy!

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