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Long Facebook thread: Abolish Human Abortion. Chapter 2.

Scott M All of you who want to abolish a woman's right to an abortion: what should be the punishment be for those women who get abortions? What about the doctors? What about friends or family members who advise a woman to get an abortion? What about the nurses and receptionists who work at abortion clinics? Shall they all be criminals and accomplices to crime?

Joshua HD Read above scott, Rhology wants to put them to death.

Jordan H I agree with Joshua to an extent. I think it was clear he did not believe Rhology himself was going to personally execute a doctor, rather that you would be in favor of the government performing said execution. It did surprise me that you would be in favor of capital punishment for the doctor and "minor punishment" for the mother. I personally think killing in either circumstance is wrong. Recommending capital punishment as a consequence does not feel very pro life...


Yes, read above. Joshua HD apparently is having difficulty telling the truth when it comes to ppl with whom he disagrees. Suffice it to say, that's not precisely what I said. Bottom line - death penalty for the "doctor", and some other penalty for the other accomplices, less stringent at first and harsher after some time has passed.

I'm being consistent with what the Bible says. The Bible prescribes the death penalty for murderers. How much more for serial murderers like these aborticians? We make abortion illegal; if they continue to murder children, we put them to death, quickly, and then we celebrate the next day.


Sean H
Rhology, you want to put people to death for aborting their fetus? Are you fucking kidding me?!?!! What a shitty Christian you are. I myself am not religious, but I'm VERY sure that kind of thought doesn't jive well with your dogma. You aren't a person until you are in my phone book. Abortion is just a divisive issue that the media and government use to distract you. Get your head out of your ass.

It is the pro lifers, not the pro-choicers, that are incapable of having a logical conversation about abortion. More people have been killed in the name of spreading your bullshit "gospel" than have ever been snatched out of a womb by abortion. So how about letting us baby killers catch up? Not to mention that most of modern American Christians vote republican-- a party that has helped kill tens of thousands of brown men, women, and children. Don't apply your standards to American babies and then not give a fuck about all the other instances of death going on that you inadvertently approve. Child worship is terrible. You probably bitch about mothers on welfare, and yet you'd make her keep another unwanted, unneeded baby. You can't legislate your own morality.

Orthodox religion is a plague. Like they say, ignorance is bliss. I am very aware of the ideology of your theology though. All I can say is that I'm glad you orthodox Christians are losing the battle for our country. Secularism kids... Coming to a state near you.

As with any service, if you outlaw it, it will go underground. Abortions save the lives of many mother(actual contributing members of society and not just crying bags of poop) who would die if not for the service abortionists provide. If you disagree with abortions, DONT get one. I also love how many men are arguing about this. This is a female issue. Women should have the right to choose. If you want your religion to dictate your reality, move to the middle east.

Also, the Bible condones slavery... Argument over.

 A few comments from Sean, though, so they get answered:
--"if you outlaw it, it will go underground"

1) Good.
2) Oh, you mean like slavery did?

--"More people have been killed in the name of spreading your bullshit "gospel" than have ever been snatched out of a womb by abortion."

Add up the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and fundies who blow up abortuaries, and you've got maybe 10% of the deaths due to abortion. From this year. This is merely silly hyperbole.

--"a party that has helped kill tens of thousands of brown men, women, and children."

1) I'm not in favor of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
2) This is a tu quoque argument, which is a logical fallacy. Sean, 2 wrongs don't make a right.

--"Child worship is terrible."

1) No doubt you think murder should be illegal and punishable by law. I guess you're a human worshiper.
2) No doubt you think slavery should be illegal and punishable by law. I guess you're a Negro worshiper.

--"You can't legislate your own morality."

ALL laws are statements of morality - society/gov't saying "this is permissible, that is impermissible".
If you mean that you can't necessarily change minds by changing laws, true, but you change SOME.
Plus, just make the same argument with respect to murder and slavery. Try it, I dare you.

--"If you disagree with abortions, DONT get one."

1) If you disagree with murder, DON'T murder anyone. I guess we shouldn't outlaw murder.
2) If you disagree with slave, DON'T own a slave.I guess we shouldn't outlaw slavery.

--"I also love how many men are arguing about this. This is a female issue."

1) ...said Sean, who is himself a man.
2) Look at Paul's pictures - there are quite a few women there. My wife is also an abolitionist.

--"Women should have the right to choose."

1) She DOES have the right to choose. Just not to kill her baby.
2) Prove it. Make an argument instead of naked assertions.

--"the Bible condones slavery"

I'd be interested in knowing:
1) how much you know about the slavery the Bible condones, and
2) how you know that slavery is unjustified. Make your argument. Make sure you explain in full detail your moral worldview and how you know it is true. If your worldview is atheistic, present your answer to Hume's guillotine aka the naturalistic fallacy. If you don't know what that is, you should probably stop commenting here (and you should look it up).

And just so it's known - I'm willing to meet anyone face to face and discuss my comments here. I'll back it up.

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