Friday, January 17, 2014

I'll debate anyone! Except you!

  • Jericho Cross I live near Anaheim maybe one day I will bump into these guys and we can have a real debate instead of talking to teenagers.
  • Helen Clark don't debate. You express your opinion as quoted from your favorite mind molders.
  • Jericho Cross Yes sometimes I use quotes from people who are more articulate then me to support An argument that I share the same opinion of the person who said the quote. I quote Hitchens and people on here quote god what is your point exactly?
  • Rho Logy Jericho, I'd be happy to debate you on Google Hangout and we can record it.
  • Jered Mounteth In the grand scheme of things we are no more significant then a bug. Take a look at all the sand on this planet. If we were sand, we would be but one miniscule grain.
    I echo Jericho on the quotes....
  • Rho Logy \\In the grand scheme of things we are no more significant then a bug.\\

    Jered Mounteth is apparently saying that if you decide you want to kill him and his family, he has no objection.
  • Jered Mounteth Umm no. Not at all. Compared to the whole universe, (and possibly other planets..somewhere..) Rho, we are nothing.
  • Jericho Cross Rho Logy if I thought it would be at all productive I would gladly debate you. But I know it would turn into play chess with a peigon.
  • Christine Bowman Rho Logy is a pre-sup, so no, you can't debate him. Pre-sups like to play word games and accuse others of circular reasoning, even though that is the foundation of everything they do.
  • Rho Logy So Jericho Cross wants to debate abolitionists, BUT NOT ME, and Christine Bowman doesn't understand presuppositionalism.

    Fine. I have better things to do anyway. Consider the gauntlet thrown, and the ball in your court.

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