Thursday, March 01, 2007

A gem of an exchange

Between Madalyn Murray O'Hair, atheist and heroine of secularism, and Walter Martin, the late founder of the Christian Research Institute...

From this page, this file, at minute 23:

Walter Martin: You admit that from nothing, nothing comes, correct?
Madalyn Murray O'Hair: No, I don't admit anything.
WM: Good heavens, woman, you must admit that from nothing nothing will come.
MMO: If you said, this is your statement...
WM: Will you admit it?
MMO: I have no idea...if...
WM: Oh, this is absurd.
MMO: No, this is not absurd!


Matthew said...

Proof that the Jedi "mind trick" doesn't work every time.

Frank Walton said...

Yes, indeed. Martin squashed O'Hair. Too bad Martin has been taken from us. I'm reminded of Greg Bahnsen who passed away WAY too early. But he's with the Lord now.