Thursday, April 26, 2007

Heresy in its own words

Adam sez:

In my previous political "career" I discovered some notions in politics that were either undiscovered previously, or the dots had never been connected before.

If Satan was the one pulling people to Evil, God has no reason to Judge the people.

the idea of a Rapture and Bodily Resurrection to me is non-sensical.

Just because Jesus was seen and felt by His believers does not mean that the body presented was the body to be.

(In biblical times) What if people did not understand the feeling of love that everyone can feel today? Maybe it didn't exist. What if people could not hear the Spirit as people can today? We don't know the realities of love or the spirit before Christ's Resurrection (other than sexual lust and pan-love). Who knows?

Being a liar today has no more grave consequences as it did 2000 years ago.

The Truth is that Christ and God are done with their work in the mortal realm.

But theology doesn't matter, you know.

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