Monday, April 23, 2007

I am a Narrow Mind addict

I am a big fan of Gene Cook's The Narrow Mind web broadcast.
He's diggable b/c he challenges all worldviews that set themselves up against the truth of God's Word, he unashamedly proclaims his allegiance to God's Word, and he has such a variety of different topics on his show. And b/c it's a great name for a radio show!
One day he's taking a call from a Jehovah's Witness. The next he's dealing w/ Hyper-Preterism (Hymenaeanism). The next he's expounding on Covenant Theology (which I find interesting though I'm not sure about where I stand as far as that goes). Next he's dealing w/ atheist after atheist after atheist in regard to these atheists' own presuppositions. Next he's talking about Jesus' reincarnation in Puerto Rico.

I am coming to a greater and greater appreciation, as time goes on, of Gene's demeanor and have always appreciated his stance on the truth of Christ, eschewing the 'rah-rah, America' rhetoric of too many conservative American Christians today and always making sure the truth is spoken. Catch his webshow live or as podcast/download. And may God continue to bless the study of His Word.

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