Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Doug Wilson, a wordsmith of some skill

In response to Christopher Hitchens' challenge to present evidence for Jesus' resurrection, Wilson responds w/ a brilliant paragraph:

Actually, I believe I can present evidence for what I know. But evidence comes to us like food, and that is why we say grace over it. And we are supposed to eat it, not push it around on the plate—and if we don't give thanks, it never tastes right. But here is some evidence for you, in no particular order. The engineering that went into ankles. The taste of beer. That Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, just like he said. A woman's neck. Bees fooling around in the flower bed. The ability of acorns to manufacture enormous oaks out of stuff they find in the air and dirt. Forgiveness of sin. Storms out of the North, the kind with lightning. Joyous laughter (diaphragm spasms to the atheistic materialist). The ocean at night with a full moon. Delta blues. The peacock that lives in my yard. Sunrise, in color. Baptizing babies. The pleasure of sneezing. Eye contact. Having your feet removed from the miry clay, and established forever on the rock. You may say none of this tastes right to you. But suppose you were to bow your head and say grace over all of it. Try it that way.


d-mc said...

Hmmm, kinda cutesy. He could have just answered him straight.


Frank Walton said...

Wilson is blowing Hitchens away!

Lucian said...

Baptizing babies.


Rhology said...

Well, allowing for the fact that the author subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith.

That doesn't bother me much, in case you were wondering.