Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pictures sent by strange Roman Catholics

These are a few of the pictures that were included in the previous document. Just for fun:

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Kyle said...

-tongue in cheek-
The second one is just rediculous. Your mouth horns are SO much larger than that one. Sheesh, you'd never think this guy has met an EVIL protestant before.

-tongue in standard position-
Wow, that guy is bizarre. For one, demons don't have physical form, so wild speculation about how they look is silly. Second, you are one of the least likely people I know to be demon possessed, or Baal himself, that I know. Demons do not love Jesus and his truth, so that rules you out.

Keep loving the truth, Brother,

Salva said...

I think the idea of Baal himself posting on would frighten me. A lot. Even if it is about the dorkiest demon activity I can imagine, I still think I should stop well short of sending the Good Dark Lord insulting pictures.

Rhology said...

It's true... me as The Dark Lord leaves a fair amount to be desired in terms of icky creepy evilness. And I'm not NEARLY as good a graphic designer as he is.