Sunday, October 28, 2012

If you can't join 'em, make weird arguments, Part 3

Continuing from last time...

-Just because you legally prohibit something doesn’t mean that people will never do or consume that thing again-

So we should have never legalised rape or murder.
I'm tired of hitting this same topic with you. Either make some progress or just repeat yourself in your own echo chamber.

-at least in a medical environment there is so kind of control-

You'd think, but the evidence shows otherwise.
Plus, an abortuary is not a medical environment. Its very reason for existence grossly violates the Hippocratic Oath. These are for-profit death houses.

-There also is a certain amount of accountability if procedures are not properly followed. However, when it comes to abortions being done in homes or in the black market it is just pure chaos.-

Like Kermit Gosnell's "clinic"!

-There are no real consequences for making rape or murder illegal. You’re trying to compare a violent action to a product or service. -

What if I just, like you, redefine murder as a "service"? See? All better!

-. What if a teenager or seriously poor person really can’t afford contraceptives? -

That's stupid.
1) Condoms are cheap.
2) You don't HAVE to have sex, you know.

- Now you either have a potential abortion on your hands or you have another welfare baby that needs to be supported. -

Or adoption.
But the abolitionist drive is to convert the culture so that
1) such situations as this are not numerous
2) people love to adopt.

-he prohibition of alcohol and the abolishment of abortion are both bans on a substance or service that some people desire whereas making murder illegal is ban on a violent action that comes naturally to mankind-

1) Abortion is a violent action that comes naturally to mankind too.
2) Murder is often hired out. Ever heard of a hit man?
Your rationalising doesn't make any sense.
And you keep forgetting that
a) we want to change the culture
b) a nation that persistently murders its children faces God's judgment, which is fearful

-On the other hand, making murder illegal carries no negative consequences-

Sure it does. We throw people in jail for it, tie up court systems, and have to execute citizens at times. And that is also very negative for the murderer.
You're just making stuff up, and it's not working.

- When I said that prostitution is wide spread I meant that it is wide spread across the nation from Las Vegas to Oklahoma and from Seattle to Miami.-

But it's MORE widespread in Vegas. Why?
Because it's legal there.

-they don’t call prostitution the oldest profession for nothing.-

BTW, that is a really ludicrous adage.
FARMING is the oldest profession. Sheesh.

-Instead of making unhelpful comments just explain what I’m missing.-

Consider my criticism an opportunity to read what's already been written on our site. I'm not going to retype it for you.

-Which option do you choose? For me, option A is the obvious choice.-

1) You don't know that the preborn child feels what you said he feels. You're guessing.
2) You left out God's command not to murder, that God loves human life.
3) "Option B" enjoyed good things in his life, too. Got to enjoy the beauty of God's creation, had a wife, had the ability to move around and breathe and eat and live.
I'm not saying he was Bill Gates. I'm saying you can't do any of that if you're dead.
4) You don't have any idea what it's like never to have lived. Whether you prefer Option A is irrelevant, for you are unqualified to make any judgment on the matter.

-In this fallen world we live in sometimes there is only a choice between evil and a lesser evil.-


-My hope is that Jesus will come back sometime soon and set all the wrongs right, and that we will live in a kingdom where there is no suffering.-

if I were you, I wouldn't be impatient to see Jesus come back. He doesn't take kindly to those who spend their time defending baby murder.
Repent, while you still have time.

-Wow, I didn’t know that you are God. -

That's the refuge of the shallow thinker who can't really engage the issue at hand, and who has no idea what it means that God has entrusted His people with a proclamation to repeat after Him what He has already said.

- Wait there’s a problem because the AHA website says that is justifiable to abort a dying baby if the mother’s life is in danger.-

That's sloppily stated. What else is new?

-Since AHA says that abortion is justified then that means abolitionists aren’t Christians either. This also means that your revelation to me, the AHA website, is evil too so you can’t be God—you’re just a false god.-

[speechless at the foolishness]

-From our limited dialogue I could conclude that you are a self-righteous white washed tomb; and a modern day Pharisee. -

If you were to make that accusation, you'd reveal that you don't have any idea what "Pharisee" means, or what Jesus meant in Matthew 23 when He said "whitewashed tomb".

-As to abolition, I’m not on the bandwagon because I think that it would make society worse, not better-

Yes, Keith thinks it is BETTER to continue murdering babies. 54 million dead, that's BETTER.

-. I sincerely think that God does not expect us to support things that we think could hurt our neighbors.-

What about MURDERING your neighbors? I guess God's totally Ok with that as long as you think you can rationalise that away, and as long as you arbitrarily un-label them "neighbors".
Nothing to see here. Move along.

- You are a pregnant teenage girl who doesn’t think abortion is one of the greatest evils on the face of the earth because you didn’t grow up in youth group.-

I didn't learn abortion is evil from "youth group", FYI, but OK.

- Can you see that when you are looking at things from her perspective it looks like there is no choice?-

Yuo didn't say "SHE THINKS there is no choice" before. You're moving the goalposts. You'd said "there is no choice". Whether she knows about that choice is a totally different question.

-I’m alluding to John 8:1-11.-

1) Are you aware that's a textual variant and not actually in the original manuscript of the book of John?
2) Who's condemning anyone? Calling abortion sin = condemnation?
3) Sounds like you'd want to give the post-abortive girl a pat on the back and an "attagirl". You seem like a big fan of abortion to me.
4) Stoning? I mean, I don't even know what to say to this. So stupid.

- I just don’t think that I can fully support your cause because I believe that prohibitions only make things worse.-

No, you believe that prohibitions of SOME things only make things worse, and you're too shallow or biased to see how your rationalisations are idiotic.

-I just don’t think that banning abortion can be justified if the ban just leads to mother and child dying during a home abortion.-

The ban wouldn't lead to that. The decision of the person to defy the ban would lead to it.

"I just don’t think that banning murder can be justified if the ban just leads to a murderer dying by lethal injection. -Keith"

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