Monday, July 18, 2005

If it wouldn't hurt nobody...

It is commonplace to hear criticisms of President Bush and his policies on Iraq - "No blood for oil!" and other such garbage.

I ask this on behalf of myself and of all friends, well-wishers, compatriots, and even those who really dislike me (many of whom drive much less fuel-efficient vehicles than I do):

President Bush, if you're going to be criticised all the time for going to Iraq for oil no matter what you do or do not do, couldn't you at least use some Iraqi oil to drive down the gasoline prices in the USA?
The President has gone out of his way (way too far out of his way, in my opinion) to try to appease his critics, many of whom seem to have an irrational hatred for him bordering on obsession. Many justify their venomous attacks on him (in between rants about Karl Rove being The Source of All Evil in the Universe) by saying that he is exploiting the poor Iraqis and he just wants petroleum for his oilman friends in Texas.

So what's wrong w/ giving in a little bit, since the damage is already done (I mean, heck, Mr. President, my guess is that your approval rating is dropping largely b/c you haven't done enough to destroy the terrorists yet and people are getting impatient)?
While you're taking care of that, how about letting my car drink in a little Kirkuk petrol, preferably in a cobalt glass w/ a little umbrella? It's there, it's sitting, it wouldn't do you any harm to get us some. Why don'tcha throw your loyal constituents a bone and work something out so we don't blow through our savings this summer? Just how much of a "regular guy" are you and how much politician?

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