Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What are you gonna do?

Check this story out:

So a bunch of postmodernist women decide that it would be really nice to be priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Why? Only God could tell you.
But you gotta give 'em points for originality. They get on a boat in between Canada and the US, technically not in any particular bishop's jurisdiction, and get "ordained" by 3 female "bishops" as priests. Why on the river? To escape the "unjust" canon law that refuses ordination to women, of course!

"But, won't they be excommunicated like all the others who have gone before them?" you ask? Well, sure. But do they worry about that?

--"Married with children and grandchildren, she (one of the "priests") said she did 'not fear an excommunication because I don't feel excommunicated'."

Oh man. I shouldn't laugh, but it's still pretty funny. I wonder how long it'll take before they are excommunicated. If the Vatican is smart, they'll start proceedings right away.

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