Friday, July 08, 2005


My prayers are w/ the people of London.

May they know the mercies of the Lord Jesus Christ, know that the Father is distanced from each of them but by their own pride, and know that their lives, too, are a vapor.

May the general public come to realise the dark scourge that is radical Islam.


David Bryan said...

Don't even bother with the "radical" label. What we saw on 9/11 and yesterday in London was Islam, period. What we have here is Islam Lite.

Rhology said...

||Rhology struggles to shake off lingering postmodernist and pol-corr sentiments||

I've gotta give you that one. Could it be that those citizens of the traditional Muslim countries who do not all give themselves over to activities such as suicide bombings and the 24-hour Active Jew Hate Club are not "the regular people who just want peace" but are rather just wimps, refusing to act out of self-preservation rather than the fact that they hold some milder definition of "Islam" than their AK-47-and-TNT-wielding buddies?