Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Surprised #2

Given that I am surprised to be alive and not already in eternal punishment, should I be surprised that many other human beings somehow manage to escape that same realisation?

On the one hand, it's so clear from the revelation of the One True God that that is so (if you're not so sure, when was the last time you read Romans 2 and 3?).
Yet on the other hand, human beings have such an obvious propensity to turn away from God's revelation and follow their own path, it would do an injustice to the depravity of humans to doubt our capacity for self-delusion.
But it remains shocking, even w/ that in mind, to hear someone, even someone who claims to be Christian, opine that some people do not deserve eternal agony in hell, but rather that some are good enough not to stand condemned.

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