Friday, July 08, 2005

Negotiations with the inhuman

Was chatting w/ a new friend from Ukraine tonight about politics. I sometimes shy away from these conversations, but generally do not unless I see the person getting really upset or see a possibility of getting into a spiritual conversation, which is an infinitely better use of everyone's time.
That said, I must iterate that I enjoy a good jaunt about the Iraq war when I'm feeling saucy. Which I was, since today I was able to break a string of nights of insufficient sleep.
At any rate, I'll leave most of the details to one side, but the thing that stuck out to me was his continuing insistence upon negotiation. Negotiate this and negotiate that. It remains unbelievable to me that he really believed that the conflict over Iraq and its refusal to allow inspectors and its support of terrorism could be resolved by negotiation. Which had been going on for 9 years! He obviously has much less faith in the abilities of sniveling politicians to give away 95% of their own original position to achieve a fraction of what they want from killers (cf. Barak's final offer to Arafat under Clinton's Camp David talks) than I do.

I wonder if he thinks we should talk nice to the London bombers too. No doubt they just hate the English b/c they're helping in Iraq. Maybe we should pull out.
I wonder from where the US should have pulled its soldiers to prevent Sept 11?


David Bryan said...

Good call. Yeah, the only recourse one has when dealing with the insanely violent actions of insanely violent people towards one's neighbor is (measured) violence in return. So I'm with you that we needed to go over there.

I just wish we'd bothered to finish one conflict--y'know, the one in Afghanistan with the fellas who actually attacked us and Britain--and got our ducks in a row there before headin' over there (or anywhere else that might have been more say, Saudi Arabia...(*shut up, Bryan!*) Oh...sorry...)

Rhology said...

Well, I don't know about Saudi Arabia, but how about Sudan, where there are all kinds of atro

(NOTE: At this time Rhology has been taken into custody by US officials until he meekly promises to keep supporting the war in Iraq [not like anyone listens to him anyway] and signs a post-it note stating that he will refrain in the future from mentioning genocide zones ignored by the international community and the Bush administration.)

Anonymous said...

You really wonder from where the US should have pulled its soldiers to prevent Sept 11?
Do you know how many military bases the and troops deployed the US has all over the world?
You'll find your answer when you find that number.