Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Surprised #1

Spurred on by an insightful sermon on Sunday night, I am musing on the wrath of God.
Truly His wrath is an integral part of Who He is - an attribute as much as love or jealousy or mercy.
I want to work on being surprised every day. Let's start w/ step one for now, and so we will forego a concentration on being "surprised by joy," or surprised by God's love, or whatever. We are enemies of God until we are justified by His grace. After the Holy Spirit indwells us, we yet still dare to blaspheme His name and reputation by following our carnal desires and lusts. For shame!
Do we not, every one of us, merit stamping out as God will indeed stamp out His enemies at the judgment? Do we not deserve to be found among those cowering in the face of our upcoming destruction (Revelation 6:15-17)?

I want to wake up every day in a state of amazement and even shock that I am not destroyed, cast away from a righteous God Who would do well in judging me for the sin I have committed. Indeed, I have offended Him Who is of infinite goodness and have therefore incurred an infinite penalty. I am surprised to be alive today.

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