Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ari arimasu

(This post is about 5 days late. My excuse is that the computer where I typed it is all in Japanese. I can read what I wrote but nothing else. So I accidentally saved this post as a draft instead of posting it. Sorry.)

Time for a quick Japanese lesson.

Ari = ants
arimasu = there are

You get the idea. Basically, our home has ants. I'm going out today to get some ant poison trap things to lay around the house. It's not an infestation, but it is quite annoying. But it could be a LOT worse - could be spiders or rats, or -shudder- cockroaches. Of which I've seen only one (it was crawling up my shoulder while I was trying to sleep one night).

So... after the typhoon all is back to normal. Aub came home early yesterday after feeling a little weak and strange late in the school day, so I took care of her ('cause I'm sweet like that). The weather is back to sunny and HUMID. I am growing in my burgeoning friendship w/ a Tokumoto-san, one of the librarians in Kikai. He is really helpful, and is definitely one of the 'men of peace' Christ referred to when He sent out the 72. He is helping me procure a borrowed bike, gives me free coffee at the liberry (good coffee, too!) and helps me out w/ Japanese from time to time. He even invited me to karate class! I'm still mulling over whether I want to get involved in the karate class, though it could be fun. When you get a little ways into the dvlpment of your forms and stuff, you end up every class by donning pads and sparring with the instructor guy, who is some way-high black belt. That would be fun (for about 20 seconds, but still).

I better go - someone else wants on the liberry computer.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, it would be "ari wa imasu."

"Aru" is used for non-living things material (furniture) or immaterial (questions), and plants. "Iru" is used for living things other than plants (motile things), people, animals, bacteria, etc. Or would use "iru" for ghosts.