Monday, September 12, 2005

We now have hi-speed Internet access!

And my dilemma is easy to understand.
I have now been on the Net for about 3 hours since I got it hooked up, catching up on news, sports (college football and tennis, the only ones worth reading about right now), and email, and skyping people like mad.
And I had made kind of a personal promise to post lotsa pictures once I got Internet at home. In fact, I had hoped to have it earlier today. I saw Aubrey off to Kagoshima by airplane today at the small Kikai Airport at 11 am. She is off to a Japanese language seminar conference thing in Kagoshima - sounds fun. Though when she called me at 9:30 pm tonight, there was alot of noise in the background. She apologised, saying that the payphone was really close to some common area and "the only thing do around here is drink and karaoke." So THAT'S what that was - some tipsy JETs were busy "singing," "rapping," "making horses' rears of themselves," etc. in the nearby common area. OK. Anyway...hopefully she'll really enjoy herself. She's been here 6 weeks and is experiencing some culture shock. I think she misses quite a bit of the American life, which is a normal progression in one's immersion in such a different culture. I'm not there yet, but I fully expect to be within 4-6 weeks. You just have to push on. After this week in Kagoshima, she'll meet me in Amamioshima, which is an apparently really beautiful island near Kikai. She has Monday off, so we'll enjoy a 3-day weekend snorkeling, doing stuff on the beach, and other enjoyable things. There are apparently really nice coral reefs there, so you can all be insanely jealous when I tell you how purty they are. Real purty.

OK, I was gonna tell you about my dilemma before my rather lengthy digression. OK. I've taken lots of pictures and I want to post them all, but I'm tired and it's late and I don't want to flood my own blog with too many. So I'll try to do it in an orderly fashion.

Here goes...

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