Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why don't we put some... chili on it?

If anyone happens to remember that commercial (I believe it was for Sonic Drive-In, where they were advertising a new line of chili dogs), have a brief chuckle w/ me.
I bring it up b/c that commercial was among the funniest, w/ the best comedic timing, I have seen in recent memory.

I also bring it up b/c we are celebrating. Today we will finish the leftovers for our big chili dinner that we ate on Sunday night. That's right - chili! I brought a packet or two of chili seasoning mix over to Japan w/ me and we got us some ground beef and some friends from Okinawa sent us some chili beans, so we invited a buncha people to our house to enjoy. Only one family accepted, but that's OK - more for us! I'm just kidding, but it turned out well. We invited Tokumoto-san, the librarian who has been so friendly and kind to us, and he brought his wife and daughter. We made it clear that we would have enough food, but they went ahead and brought this really big sushi plate anyway. (Truth be told, I think they were scared that they wouldn't like the American stew.)

'Twas a fun evening of laughter, Japanese being introduced to the joy of chili, and good conversation. They were indeed initially frightened by the chili, but once they tasted it, they wanted more and more. Oh heck yeah.

We also now have cell phones - yay! Email us if you want our phone numbers and/or cell phone text message email addresses.

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