Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dang, my back itches!

Just in case you were wondering, yes, I did indeed change the appearance of the blog. I like it a bit better this way, though I admit I copied shamelessly off of S.O.W. blog. Thanks for the tips, Bryan. I imitate b/c I like the way yours looks and b/c I am hopeless when it comes to figuring out how to write html stuff.

Anyway, I'm glad to be able to stream some football this morning. It's a Wednesday night game between Bowling Green and Boise St, and it's refreshing. Enjoying it.

And my back itches. It's recovering from the sunburn that it underwent during snorkeling on Saturday (and it's Thursday today!) and so it's turning less red every day. But it itches like a big dog. And for the last two nights it's been keeping me from sleeping well. Too bad for me... But the back is not peeling too badly yet (and I'm hoping that I can keep it from peeling badly by putting lotion on it 24 hours a day) and it's turning back to its normal pasty white, so I hope that I will be finished w/ this soon.

Finally finished studying the 2nd alphabet in Japanese (katakana) so now it's on to grammar and vocab. That's good b/c it means that I can now start to learn how to talk to people.

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David Bryan said...

I'm flattered! Blog looks good, bro.

I'll bet you do miss pigskin...maybe not so much after hearing OU got spanked by...heh...TC-frickin'-U...hey, you knew I had to...

Oh, how I envy you and your langauge studies! Have my sights set on Russian...someday...