Monday, September 12, 2005

Aubrey toasting w/ a cup of tea at Kaiten Sushi. This pic offers another good view of all the plates on the conveyor belt.
This is a picture.

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sonsinger said...

The big spigot to Aubrey's right, I am told, is not ketchup or Horsey Sauce, a la Arby's. It is hot water for tea. I am betting that it is hot enough to warm the cold, hard heart of the average liability lawyer in the USA, like McDonald's hot coffee. So, do the tea cups have warnings on them?

"Caution: Do not spir hot tea in rap. "

OK. With this, my first entry into Alan and Aubrey's blog, I am calling a stop to my use of the decidedly non-PC (though funny) stereotypical Japanese pronunciation of Engrish. Doh!! I mean English.