Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A side note on football

On the subject of OU football, it appears that I picked a great year to go out of country. But just for fun, see this article from ESPN and let's walk down Memory Lane.

In particular, see this sentence:

OU ranks 113th nationally in passing and passing efficiency after attempting no passes in the second half of the Sooners' 31-15 victory over Tulsa last week. The Sooners had 42 yards passing in that game -- the lowest since throwing for 38 yards against Syracuse in 1997 in the forgettable John Blake years. The Sooners had never passed for fewer than 100 yards in Stoops' previous 80-game coaching tenure.

All I want to say is that OU won that game against Syracuse in 1997. Donovan McNabb was the Syracuse QB, the Orangemen were nationally ranked, I was present, and John Blake extended his contract by one year just before we the students ran onto the field to celebrate.

This is not to say that I don't think that OU's quarterbacks have played horribly. Hey guys, do better!


Roberto said...

They forgot that little detail huh..
OU vs UCLA this week what's your take on it Alan?

Rhology said...

Well, I'm commenting after the fact, but I thought OU would probably lose.

But I was REALLY hoping...

Martha and James said...

I was looking on google for "lockers Tenmonkan" and low and behold look who was at the top of the list! As soon as I saw the picture I thought, "I know her!" Then of course the name Aubrey was also very familiar.

I'm in Kushira, Kanoya on the Osumi side of Kagoshima. I'm here with my husband(James) too. Nice to see another couple enjoying married life abroad!

James is working tonight, but I'm heading to the Orientation party for the new ALTs. Which explains my frantic internet search of all things tenmonkan!