Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Our first hurricane

OK, we should have Internet connection in abouut a week from our house, so more news and pics will be forthcoming then. Might be slowed by the recent typhoon, though. Speaking of which...

You may know that a big typhoon (aka, 'hurricane') recently blew right through our island Kikai. Yes, it went pretty much right over us. But, fortunately, our island is more like a gradual hill rising out of der ocean rather than a city built on a big floodplain between the ocean and a huge lake, like the Big Easy.
On the other hand, the hurricane was approximately the same strength or a little stronger than Katrina. We were pretty much stuck inside our house for 40 hours. BORING.
No electricity either for 30 hours. So we were pretty miserable. And our island's vegetation is all torn up. But we are fine. No injuries and none the worse for wear, really. The electricity is finally back on and so life is back to normal pretty much.
Thanks so much for praying. We were kinda worried to hear that the winds would be about 110 miles per hour when it hit us, and that sounded pretty bad. And it was bad, but apparently the structures here, though they don't look it, are built to withstand hurricanes. So thanks be to God.

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