Wednesday, February 06, 2013

And now, a love note

Taking a break from the usual recent festivities surrounding how much Roman Catholic pro-lifers, especially those who make a living off of pro-lifery, hate us at Abolish Human Abortion, Curtis helpfully drops by the AHA Contact page to let us know that the pro-aborts don't want to be left out of the hate-fest!

It only takes reading your opinion on the exception of rape to know your entire worldview is twisted.  In fact... further reading of you FAQ shows that you're just an uneducated and argumentative prick who wants to put women in danger for your stupid religion stained political ideology.
You're pathetic, and your cause will never amount to anything.  People are waking up to the dangers of conservatism... and we're sickened by it.
We will not make women carry their rapist's baby around just because of your unsubstantiated opinion.  We will not let women die during high risk pregnancies just so you can say we didn't kill the baby.  We won't put all women in danger by restricting a medical procedure that they're going to have done in back alleys if restricted from safe medical settings.
Your nothing.  Your cause is nothing.  Your conservative ideology is nothing.  People are progressing, and they're doing it faster than ever before in history.  Your conservative, bigoted, misogynist viewpoints are dying out... and hopefully within my lifetime, your kind will be gone.

Ahhhhhhh, thanks! I needed that. Especially from someone whose email address is apparently  
That's just funny.


Rhology said...

Oh, and if anyone should drop by to argue, my response will be: Your nothing.

Michael Coughlin said...

Rho -

You're comment was exactly what I was thinking.

Rhology said...

Their you go.