Thursday, February 21, 2013

A conversation with an abortician?

It is alleged that a real-life abortician emailed Abby Johnson with some choice words about abolitionists of human abortion, as well as a sorta-kinda-half-apology.

Abby Johnson takes the opportunity to toot her own method's horn, and we pause to yet note that all she can point to is this person of possibly fake provenance saying he was sorry for how mean he has been to pro-lifers in the past/ How is it that the method "worked" exactly? I thought we were supposed to save babies. I don't see any saved so far.

Anyway, here is how it all went down.
The alleged abortician allegedly wrote to Abby, then we took the opportunity to reply on our Facebook wall as follows:


An abortician, whose identity we think we might know, recently sent this message to someone in the pro-life movement:
---While you're at it, tell the crew at "Abolish Human Abortion" to cut the sh*t too. Anyone who likes them, hates, extremely hates each and every person that goes into a clinic; down on the women, huh? Yes! They proudly tell you who they are with..and I have never met a more arrogant bunch of sh*t talkers who think they know everything and anything about everyone. "WE'RE BETTER THAN YOU!", one shouted. Can't anyone go to work in peace? You can't without being beat up with words. If one seriously thinks that helps anyone, they're out of their flipping minds. If they're not shouting at you, they do other things, no sane person would do, but it's their "right" to protest. Need I say the word "murderer" too? Nice Christians. They call themselves "Christian" and in the name of their God..they call people names? Need I go any further? It's all hatred! Go away and everything will be just fine.---
Let's be clear: No true abolitionist would *EVER* say *ANYTHING* like "I am better than you" in any other way than a joke, and we would never joke in such a way with anyone who is considering abortion. The law of God convicts us all of sin, and the law and the Gospel of God are serious business. We will proclaim the sinfulness of all humans, the need of all humans for Jesus the Savior, and the fact that we are all equally in need of Jesus's forgiveness. 
A true abolitionist would include in his or her message (depending on the amount of time available to him/her) the fact that, in the eyes of God, the abolitionist deserves to spend eternity in Hell, in torment, because of his/her sin, just as much as the serial baby murderer/abortician does. 
We are all sinners. Nobody is better than anyone else. Jesus stands alone as the crown of humanity, as the very radiance of the Father's glory and the exact representation of His nature, the one who upholds all things by the word of His power.

Any abortician who claims an abolitionist said something like "We're better than you!" either has missed the "not" in between the "We're" and the "better", has misunderstood, or is flatly lying. But this person is sadly deceived - "go away and everything will be just fine"? Another 50 babies murdered per week is "just fine"?

We've been saying this a long time.
Let the lies of the enemy all be seen for what they are.

As for us, we will not rest until we have glorified Jesus with the way we spend every minute of our lives and the way we proclaim the holy law and the glorious Gospel of Jesus, and until we have effected abolition.


Interestingly, we then received an email through our website Contact page, claiming to be the man who had written to Abby.
Linked here is the email "Roger" sent.

We must admit that it is unclear whether this really is an abortician. Generally, aborticians have university-level education, and while they are trained in medicine rather than English expression, one would expect a higher level of discourse from someone who has spent at least 5 years in post-high-school graduation, even if he were a product of the government school system. Perhaps our expectations are too high.

Here is my first response:


Hello Roger,

Thanks for writing!

I guess you're right about one thing - I was mistaken about your identity. That's OK - men who lie to women and oppress others to heap up blood money for themselves are quite common, so no harm done.

I would like to clarify something, though. You claim that those who line up outside your abortuary and proclaim God's law and reflect God's own accusations are engaging in "hatred", but you don't understand the motivation behind doing that. I don't know those people personally and I don't know if they have ever heard of abolition or Abolish Human Abortion; they may be simply very pro-life people for all I know. However, in all probability their motivation is to call abortive women as well as death merchants like yourself to repent, because you are headed for Hell. It matters not one bit whether you believe in Hell any more than it matters whether you believe in policemen when they pull you over for speeding. People who go out to abortuaries to intervene are hopeful that people's souls will be saved. Most of them, if not all, are out there because we have LOVE for the people you're lying to, the babies you're murdering, and you yourself, with your blackened and evil soul. We love you so much that if you would only repent of your great sin and ask for forgiveness, we would grant it with overwhelming JOY. 

You claim that graphic pictures push people away from us. If I may take a moment to chuckle, please believe that the day when we take advice on abolition from someone like you is very far away indeed. The Bible says that all people are born dead in sin, and it's hard to go much farther than that! We proclaim the law of God, which you violate every day for pay, that murder is evil and God will not overlook it nor allow unrepentant murderers to enter His presence. We want to wake people up and those pictures are one avenue for doing so. Besides, those pictures are the results of your own work! What's wrong with showing your handiwork in the daylight? Are you ashamed of it or something?

You claim we "beat people over the head with a Bible". I don't even know what that means, but I do know that I am amazed that someone who writes like you was able to obtain a medical degree. That's a pretty funny joke. Or maybe you don't have a medical degree any more than I beat people over the head with a Bible. 
If you mean that I am sometimes forced to warn people about the terrible mistake they're about to make and offer them a better way, sure, I do that. Murdering a child is literally the worst outcome possible for a person. The only thing worse is to do it for money day after day, over and over. 

You say that the law of God doesn't do much good on an atheist, and yet you took the time to write to me, a Christian whose location you don't even know, to justify yourself. 
The Bible says that you know full well that the God of the Bible exists but you suppress the truth in wickedness. You know He exists, and that He will judge you in anger one day. Stop denying what you know to be true! Repent! Turn back from your evil! He will forgive even repentant murderers like yourself because He has died on the cross to save sinners and risen again to give them eternal life. Turn. Repent. You must. If you don't, you will have eternity to regret it.

You claim it's obvious someone in my "crew" thinks they're better than someone else.
A few responses:
1) It is not inconceivable that someone doing abortuary work said something unwise, foolish, or even straight-up wrong. 
2) I don't know to whom you refer, so I can't comment on the specifics.
3) If they said it, they're wrong. All of us need Jesus to forgive us. We are all born dead in sin, and we are all wretches in need of mercy.
4) Why do you care if someone says he's better than you? You're an atheist! It's not as if there exists any overarching moral imperative that says "thou shalt not think thou art better than anyone else", right? 

You say the question depends on how one looks at what life is. This is absolutely true, and you have clearly lied so much to yourself that you believe your own press. Ridiculous. The baby you dismember is obviously alive! He or she is not a rock!

Finally, you invite me to justify myself. Why would I need to do that? What have I done wrong? On atheism, what have the protesters in front of your murder mill done wrong? Displeased you? So what?

Peace from a redeemed fool to a fool,


Roger then replied, which is linked here.

Interestingly, his final line was:
Respond kindly, people are watching.

We am unsure whether this meant as a cryptic implication that he is not really an abortician but rather an anti-abolitionist plant in the employ of someone else, but no matter.

Here is the reply to Roger:


Hello Roger,

You know, I can't decide whether I think you're really who you claim you are or if you're a hireling from some anti-abolitionist well-ensconced pro-life personage. Neither would surprise me, honestly.

I will speak to you as though you are who you say you are, though. 

You claim you've detected a condescending attitude. To this I have a few responses:
1) It is unintentional. 
2) Truth often sounds condescending to those who hate the truth and hate correction. One might say the math teacher is snooty, insisting that 2+2 actually does equal 4, in case the student has other ideas. 
3) Is there some sort of moral objection to being condescending? You're an atheist. Tell me - who says people shouldn't be condescending?

You say you sense a dark, militant attitude.
I am not sure what you mean by militant, but I can assure you of a few things:
1) We will never resort to physical violence to effect or further abolition.
2) In the philosophical, spiritual, ideological, political, and moral arenas, we are absolutely militant. Jesus commanded us to be that way, and to do no less. We will obey Him even if that means we have to displease serial baby murderers like yourself.
3) The darkness is in *your* heart. We are obeying the biblical command to expose evil that is done in darkness and to bring it to light. That's why you object to street signs portraying the carnage that comes about because of your work.

Trying to help you understand you stand in great danger of eternal condemnation and torment in Hell and need to repent and be forgiven by Jesus is the most loving thing we could do for you.

We would forgive, yes, and so would Jesus. But you need to be much more concerned with Him, since He has the power to judge you and cast you into Hell, and will not hesitate to do so at the time of His choosing if you do not repent. 
And yes, it is absolutely an imperative. If you do not, you will face the most dire possible consequences from the Almighty God of the universe. You must repent, just like we all must. We are abolitionists because we have repented of our sin and now follow Jesus instead of ourselves and our own interests. You need this too.

You said I have a wrong view of atheism. Do tell so that I may avoid such errors in the future.
You say you want God to show up at your door. That's already happened. Jesus came to Earth already, died on the cross, and rose from the dead in real space-time history. Do a little investigation and you will find the facts are undeniable. 
Also, Jesus said that His people, His church, are in a very real way His body. They are the ones at your door with signs and offering to help people turn away from paying you to murder their baby. Just because you don't choose to see it that way makes no difference. The problem is in your sin-blackened heart. Repent of your sin and turn to Jesus and you'll know what I mean.  

You accuse those who are outside your abortuary of "disrupting that which is legal". Certainly you must be aware that many evils have in the past been legal - slavery, pedophilia, etc. Abortion is merely one more evil that is currently legal, but not for much longer. And if they can convince people not to go to pay you to murder their child, that's only "disruption" in one biased and arbitrary definition. Rather, they are exercising free speech and trying to persuade. That's hardly worthy of condemnation.
Besides, if atheism is true, what moral obligation does anyone have to obey a law? It's only something the majority imposed on those who disagree. See, you have to think about these things a little more deeply.

How precisely is murdering a child "health care"?

Yes, "fool" is a biblical word. Feel free to search for it at, say,

Finally, you said:
\\Respond kindly, people are watching.\\

Yes, I know they are. That's one of the reasons I think you may be a hireling from some anti-abolitionist, but it could just be coincidental that you said this bizarre thing. Anyway, I am happy to let my words be public, a whole lot more than you're willing to let the light of day shine on what you do for blood money every week.



Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Rho, you are my favorite Abolitionist of Human Abortion.

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

But then again, I don't know very many Abolitionists. ;-)

Rhology said...

That's OK. I'll take it!

Anonymous said...


Ditto what the other guy said.

For sure.

My wife and I have tangled with this Abby lady on FB more than once. She seems to be an interesting mix of feminism, horn tooting, condescension, and, well, I dunno.


Keep it up, brother.