Friday, February 15, 2013

Norman Abortuary Outreach Report, 15 Feb 2013

I also spent the morning at the Norman abortuary on 25 January, but I wasn't able to write up much about it and my recording equipment ran out of batteries halfway through.

Not so this time, however. Numerous abolitionists of human abortion were able to join me this morning for a time that featured comparatively light traffic, some good fellowship, and some good opportunities to share the Gospel.

Here is the playlist:

The pattern that has emerged and which allows me to preach and proclaim the law of God and the good news of Jesus is that I or someone else on the team engages people as they arrive and park their cars. We ask them to come talk to us, etc, but sadly, most of the time they proceed inside the abortuary. I then engage in proclamation, and I know they can hear me inside there.

It is probably a consistent violation of the noise ordinance in that zone to use electronic amplification, but I should think it would be difficult to argue in court that the use of non-artificial amplification, like a bullhorn, should be legally proscribed. And I know they can hear me inside - once I started preaching through the bullhorn, the abortician's wife, who is the administrator and the business manager, came out of the front door to see what was going on. I preached repentance to her.

I pray these videos and testimonies will spur you toward doing what you can to take up similar activities in your locality. Where is the nearest abortuary to you? Go there and pray, plead, and/or proclaim!

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