Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christian - Refuse to set your alarm clock!

I am not simply against cuckoo clocks. I am against all alarm clocks. Period.

The alarm clock mentality is what has blazed the trail for countdown timers and detonation-on-demand.

The same language of choice used by pro-alarm clock-ists is used by those who would seek to justify countdown detonators.

Someone that claims a decidedly Calvinistic understanding of the Gospel and God's sovereignty is fundamentally inconsistent with itself, if it refuses to take a clear stance against the use of alarm clocks.

The use of alarm clocks is the most basic, and in my opinion heinous, attempt to deny God His sovereignty over time.

Don't be afraid of taking a strong stance on alarm clocks.
After some careful and clear examination of the alarm clock/countdown timer mentality, all believers in Jesus should refuse to set alarm clocks from now on.

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