Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hamburger cookout rained out

So here we are, 1h 40 min before our big hamburger cookout. We bought a new outdoor table and 5 stools and 2 camp chairs, it looks all nice out on our back patio area (thanks to a certain certainly lovely young lady). So what does the weather do? Rain. But we prayed that the rain would pass. Guess we'll see. Maybe we should just adjourn to the'll be interesting to grill the boigahz and then pass 'em on inside, but we can do it! Go team!

'Tis a nice relaxing Sat afternoon, actually; most of the day we've been preparing on and off for the thing tonight. We've gotten word from people that there could be as many as 15 people there. And our place ain't that big, trust me.

Thanks for the report, Alan. More news at the top of the hour and when it breaks.

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